Discord Server Bot 2.0.2

Official GGRadio Server Bot for Discord Servers

  1. Chris

    GGRadio's Official Discord Server Bot allows members of your server to listen to GGRadio together in a voice channel simultaneously.

    Listen to GGRadio's stream with members of your server simultaneously. Hosted on our servers with no costs or limitations to the user. Always see what's live in the Discord's 'playing' feature. Works immediately with no setup necessary. The radio and bot are online 24/7 meaning you're never without music.​

    1) Click the download button on this page.
    2) Log in to Discord (if you're not already).
    3) Select the server you wish to add it to.
    4) Create a voice channel for the bot that it has access to.
    5) Enable developer mode on Discord if it's not already enabled.
    6) Copy the ID of that channel and type the command !ggradio set {ID}
    7) The bot will now connect to that channel and stay there until kicked or it's channel is changed.​

    Nevexo (Development) Will (Early Development)​


    !ggradio set {id}
    Changes the default voice channel for the bot.​
    !radio set {id}, !gg set {id}​
    Users with the Administrator permission are able to use this.​
    !ggradio stop
    A command previously used to turn the bot on that will now display how to set the voice channel for the bot.​
    !radio off, !gg off​
    Users with the Administrator permission are able to use this. ​
    !ggradio song
    Displays the current song & presenter in chat.​
    !presenter, !song, !live​
    Everybody is able to use this command.​
    Why is the bot on my server but not online?
    Infrequently the bot may have to restart to update, if you add your server whilst the bot is being added then your server will not work with our bot. The best option is to kick the bot and re-add it a short while later however if this happens let us know so we can check there isn't a larger issue.​
    How do I use the bot?
    Read the installation section above.​
    Why does the bot ask to "Create Instant Invite"?
    Administrators of GGRadio are able to create an invite link to servers running this bot that have ticked that box. We have this there so we can debug any issues you may be having.​
    Can this bot play Youtube/SoundCloud/Spotify?
    No, this is the GGRadio bot for streaming GGRadio.net to Discord.​
    Does this bot cost money?
    This bot is absolutely free of charge to bring something cool to the Discord community, if you'd like to help us - share the bot in servers or you can donate to help improve and fund GGRadio.​
    How do I control volume?
    Just like if your friend is being loud and you want to turn them down, click the bot in the channel and change the client volume.​
    Should I listen through the bot or the website?
    You should listen through the website if you have the choice. Discord is limited to <96kbps where our website streams at 192kbps resulting in the stream sounding better.​
    I can't set the channel, permission error?
    If you haven't already set it in your role, set the Administrator permission to on - otherwise you will not be able to set the channel.​

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  1. Will
    Version: 2.0.2
    10/10 would !ggradio set again (and it not listening and just never joins again)
  2. Sovmed
    Version: 1.1
    The bot itself is good.
    But, it would be more popular if we remove the restriction on the right to control them.
    Because of this rating 3.
    1. Chris
      Author's Response
  3. Josh
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great bot allows me to sit and enjoy some great music in sync with my friends!
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    Version: 1.0
    It works good! thanks for making this.