Discord Server Bot 1.1

Official GGRadio Server Bot for Discord Servers

  1. New Song Display & Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes:
    • We have updated the connection link as the previous one was having issues connecting to channels.
    • Broadcast are fixed now, sorry if this caused any inconvenience when we sent a broadcast previously.
    • Capitals on !songrequest and !broadcast

    New Song Display:
    We have added a new song display for all !song related commands, this now features album artwork, the presenter, website link and song all in one....​
  2. 02/10 Improvements & Additions

    The bot has been updated tonight to fix and improve a few things.

    Recently there have been a lot of reports of the bot being offline, so we have made a lot of changes to hopefully make the bot stable and prevent it crashing - if it is offline, let us know on this thread.

    We have added a new feature to see if a Presenter is live on the radio by utilizing the newly added "Status" feature in a simple to understand way.
    If the...​