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    Public Discord Chat

    At GGRadio we are a community, not just a radio and we want to bring our listeners and presenters together - we decided that the best way to do this would be a Discord Server.

    If you'd like to try our Discord Bot, or just chat with other people in our community - you're in the right place.
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    Joining the Discord public chat - it seems a lot, but it is easy.
    1. Go to - and click "Try Discord Now"
    2. Enter your forum name.
    3. Click "Skip" on the welcome dialog - do not create a server (unless you want one for yourself).
    4. Click "Claim Account" on the top of the website you now see.
    5. Choose an email and password that's memorable, and an avatar - though that can be added later on.
    6. Download the Windows/Mac desktop application from
    7. Click the plus sign on the left side where all your servers will be located.
    8. Click join a server.
    9. Enter in the join link ( and press OK.

    i did not copy and change the tutorial posted on the guide on how to join the staff discord cough cough.
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