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    Hey everyone! I've been asked quite a few times why our Discord bot keeps giving you this message:
    Well, I'll start off with the basics and for the more tech-y people in our audience I'll explain more in depth later.
    So, what does this message mean? Well, every server that our bot is playing music in takes up resources on our server (server as in a computer in the cloud that runs the bot), to stop our server from crashing we have to limit the amount of voice channels we can play in at once. (At the time of writing this, it's set to 100), limiting it means our server isn't being maxed out all of the time.

    How are we fixing it?

    The Basics
    We're working on a bot that instead of making a new audio encoder (this is what takes the audio from and converts it into audio we can send to Discord) for every voice channel, it just makes one for getting the audio from GGRadio and shares it out across as many voice channels as possible. Doing this means we use less system resources while being able to make the limit much higher.

    The 'techy' version
    Our bot currently uses FFMPEG to get the data coming from our audio stream to bring the data into the system's RAM, from there a new OPUS encoder takes what FFMPEG collected from and pushes it out to Discord. While every voice channel will always need an OPUS encoder each, we're hoping to use 1 or 2 FFMPEG encoders, as you can tell this would bring our RAM usage out of the stupid numbers and use less threads on the processor. Meaning we can have more streams and run some extra programs on the one server.

    The API we use for communicating with Discord with doesn't give us full control over the OPUS instance, so doing this is going to be tricky.

    We're working on it, we'll have this sorted as soon as possible so you can get back to listening to GGRadio with all of your friends.
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