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Feb 7, 2016
  • Advertisements are great for supporting the website and getting your brand out there to a large audience, at GGRadio we're offering a limited amount of advertisements to companies, communities and people interested.

    Radio Advertisements:
    Radio advertisements are less than 30 seconds long, and will be played during the AutoDJ frequently (discussed) for listeners around the world.
    Radio advertisements will cost more than banners, as they disrupt songs to broadcast your message, you will also have to account for a company to create your advertisement (we can point you in the right direction that'll cost around £30).​

    Homepage Banners:
    Homepage banners are an image displayed on the homepage with a link to your website attracting a lot of attention to your brand.
    Homepage banners cost more than forum banners as the click through rate to the forum from the homepage isn't high however significantly less, a custom graphic (if you don't want to use your logo) may cost you under £20 and can be re-used in different places.​

    Forum Banners:
    Forum banners are images displayed over the top of threads and the forum list, aimed at frequent GGRadio users.
    Forum banners will require you to have a graphic (can cost above or below £20) however are the lowest tier of advertisement we offer and thus the cheapest.​

    Reserve an Advertisement:
    You've read this far, so you're interested which is great! The last step is to fill out a short form which requires you to be signed up to our forums and will only be visible by @Chris. Alternatively, you may email Chris however replies will be delayed by up to a week (sometimes more).
    Enquire through the form now by clicking here.​
    Contact Chris directly at [email protected], be warned that replies may be delayed up to week and the general process will take longer.​

    Terms & Conditions:
    By sending a payment for an advertisement, you agree to our Terms & Conditions in place to protect us. In the event that you do attempt to scam GGRadio by not following the Terms & Conditions, you will be blacklisted from further purchase at minimum.
    (1) After purchasing an advertisement, you are not entitled to a refund under any circumstance and will not be offered one regardless of the situation. (2) We do not allow advertisers to insert referral links, if you wish to track traffic then you must use Google Analytics' unreliable system at best. (3) In the event that you are ill, your website is offline or similar - we will not sympathize and offer additional time to your advertisement, it is your responsibility to be there and run things smoothly.​