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Radio Presenter

Jan 16, 2016
Radio Presenter
  • GGRadio is focused around a radio, and our aim is to bring the best experience to our listeners possible. The AutoDJ is great, but real people better. We're always looking to add fresh talent to our staff team and broadcast music to our listeners worldwide. If this sounds like something you're interested in, then read on:

    - Clear, high quality microphone and headset.
    - Wide variety of legally purchased songs from different genres.
    - Confident talking on to an audience on the radio.
    - Willing to give up at least a few hours of your own time a week to broadcast.
    - A computer able to run Broadcasting Software and multiple browser tabs at the same time.
    - A good, stable internet connection able to listen to a radio and broadcast to it.
    - Willing to complete a trial show to GGRadio management.
    - Willing to comply with our presenter rules and Ofcom Broadcasting Code.​

    - Submit your application via the link below, containing all the required details.
    - Wait up to a few days for a reply on the thread automatically created.
    - If accepted, you will/may be forwarded to a radio trial.
    - If you pass the radio trial, you will be invited and become a part of GGRadio!​

    Fit the requirements and want to join our team?
    Submit an application here.