GGRadio Discord Server Radio Bot 2.0.2

Official GGRadio Server Bot for Discord Servers

  1. GGRadio Discord Bot 2.0.0

    We have updated the Discord Bot to 2.0.0, a long process however now complete.

    We have changed the way that the bot works and in general makes it more simple to use and removes the dependancy of bot admins.

    You should immediately follow these instructions to set the new bot up:
    1) Create a voice channel for the bot that it has access to.
    2) Enable developer mode on Discord if it's not already enabled.
    3) Copy the ID of that channel and type the command !ggradio set {ID}
    4) The bot will now connect to that channel and stay there until kicked or it's channel is changed.​

    If you have any issues, suggestions or questions, let us know on our Discord Server or this thread and we'll get it sorted!

    A huge thank you to Nevexo for his work on rewriting and updating the bot.

    Thank you for your patience and feedback up to now and we hope that you are able to enjoy the bot with your members.
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