CSGO Server Addon 1.2.1

Allow your players to listen to GGRadio and play on your server seamlessly.

  1. API, CDN + Stream Patch

    Previously, the addon has been using the old CDN, API and Stream.

    It has now been updated - do be warned that this is a patch while we look to get the addon re-made.

    If you find any bugs, please notify us immediately through here or discord.
  2. Fixes, Version Checker & Server Tag

    Thanks to everyone who reported the problems with version 1.0.2 spamming errors in log files, that has been fixed that amongst other small things wont notice in this version.

    A long-awaited and over-due version checker has also been added, which will notify administrators of the server when connecting and send a message in your administrator console if a new version is available.

    We have also added a tag to all servers running our CSGO addon to make it easier for us to find your servers,...
  3. Fixed !radio message.

    Previously the message was set incorrectly, it has now been corrected to be as seen in the screenshots.
  4. README Added

    - Added a README