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Broadcasting Software

Jan 18, 2016
Broadcasting Software
  • Everyone has their own preference to software in radio broadcasting, new software comes out frequently and old software still reigns. This is a list and outline for you to follow when looking for software.

    Free Software:
    Mixxx is used by many of the GGRadio presenters and is the bridge between online broadcasting and event DJ'ing.​
    Although VirtualDJ is aimed more for event DJ'ing, it'll do the job for online broadcasting without a doubt.​
    RadioDJ is the free equivalent to SAM Broadcaster, although we haven't tested it - we're constantly hearing good things about it.​

    Paid Software:
    SAM Broadcaster PRO
    SAM Broadcaster PRO is expensive ($300) but is used by many of GGRadio's team, it's the step up from free software and offers everything you'll ever need but is a huge investment.​