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External Addons using GGRadio

Mar 12, 2016
External Addons using GGRadio
  • As much as we hope our addons are for everybody, we have to face the fact that they unfortunately are not. Luckily, the following addons have integrated GGRadio in to their addons.

    Garry's Mod:
    3D Stream Radio
    3D Stream Radio is a free addon developed by Grocel on Steam Workshop and used on the majority of servers on Garry's Mod to allow a large group of people to listen to a radio station simultaneously. If you play Garry's Mod, you've definitely seen a server using this addon.
    Radio + Microphone Mod (DarkRP)
    Radio + Microphone Mod for DarkRP is a paid addon produced by Fish on ScriptFodder that allows users to stream internet radio, listen to Youtube videos and even put themselves as the presenter by allowing users to broadcast their voice amongst many other things.