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Graphics Artist

Jan 16, 2016
Graphics Artist
  • GGRadio have some of the most beautiful graphics in radio thanks to our awesome team, graphics on the internet are moving fast and constantly changing, take a look at Google's logo for example.

    - Ability to provide past work for reference.
    - If possible provide a social media website such as Tumblr, DeviantArt, Flickr, etc for verification.
    - Willing to voluntarily develop for GGRadio (with credit) when a project comes up and offer an accurate timeframe.
    - No issue with not being paid, we can not afford it at the moment unfortunately however we want to as soon as possible.
    - Willing and able to create a trial piece of art for GGRadio before joining our team.
    - Willing to work in a team with developers and artists for potential future projects.​

    - Submit your application via the link below, containing all the required details.
    - Wait up to a few days for a reply on the thread automatically created.
    - Talk to the staff member on the thread created.
    - Create a trial piece for GGRadio if requested.
    - If we love your trial piece, you'll be invited and become a part of GGRadio!​

    Fit the requirements and want to join our team?
    Submit an application here.