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Our Brand

Jan 15, 2017
Our Brand
  • Our brand is important to us for growth and for the community to recognise "GG" and "GGRadio" as a brand, so we ask that you follow our wishes when using our product for public use.

    Use of GGRadio:
    If you're streaming, we ask that you add a link to GGRadio in your footer or if you're feeling generous; a logo.​
    We ask that you do not put our player on your website and instead use GGRadio Live in your navigation or a link. If you must put our player on your website, please put our logo on your website somewhere where it is visible.​
    You're free to use the GGRadio Stream and API in your application or project, all we ask is that appropriate credit is given and that the user knows the station is GGRadio.
    Our Brand and Representation:
    It is important to us that our brand is represented properly, to ensure that it is recognisable for the gaming community - follow these simple rules and you'll never make a mistake.
    When writing GGRadio, it should be written as a single word and never as "GG Radio" or GG-Radio.​
    When writing GGRadio, it is important that the GGR is capitalized and the rest is not. If you are to type the URL for public viewing, you should type http://GGRadio.net/.​
    GGRadio should be pronounced in English as two words, "GG" "Radio" and written similarly. If you are to say GGRadio, you should say it as "jee-jee ray-dee-oh". When saying the URL, you should say "dot net" unless it's domain extensions are said differently in your language.​

    When using our brand, we prefer that you use the full one size logo and resize it using HTML however if that is not an option (for example on forums) then you're more than welcome to use our resizeable logo.
    Full Logo (One Size): http://ggradio.net/rsc/img/logo.png
    Full Logo (Resizable) (After width, enter the px you wish for the width): http://ggradio.net/rsc/img/logo.php?width=
    Icon (One Size): http://ggradio.net/rsc/img/favicon.pn

    When writing GGRadio and being able to use colour, or wanting to include colour it is important that you use our official colour or try to match it with your options available.
    GG Orange:
    HEX: #F06A00
    RGB: 240, 106, 0​
    GG Orange (Highlighted/Clicked):
    HEX: #EC5200
    RGB: 236, 82, 0​