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The Luke Berry Show

Oct 26, 2016
The Luke Berry Show
  • Now in its 3rd year on air, The Luke Berry Show can be heard Tuesdays from 5pm on GGRadio with new music in Luke's Hot New Track, interactive games like Intellectually Challenged and Puzzled, satire in Breaking News and 30 minutes of non-stop old skool tracks to finish off every show.

    Show Details:
    Show: The Luke Berry Show
    Timeslot: Tuesdays 5-7PM (UTC)
    Past shows: AudioBoom
    Luke (@LukeWizzy)
    The host of his self-titled show, with over 6 years of radio experience working online and with the BBC, Luke presses the buttons and writes the majority of the material for the show ("Breaking News", "Puzzled" and more).​
    George (@GeorgeGTweets)
    The show's producer and brains behind the operation, George helps to prepare the show every week. He's been the creator of many awful features we've thrown away such as "Who Wants To Be A Minuteaire" and "Headline or Headlie".​
    Eddie (@Custard_UK)
    Eddie had the idea to start the show in 2014 and has been a vital part of the show ever since as our resident lad. Eddie has made prank calls, parodies and he's talking about dropping his non-existent mixtape for years.​
    Keenan (@MrKeenun)
    All the way from Australia, Keenan offers his unique take on the world in his feature "The World According To Keenan". He is also known for his audio production skills and having the greatest laugh in radio.​
    Adam (@oAdamR)
    The newest addition to the team, Adam manages our social media during the live show and works behind the scenes. He is best known for his Twitter campaigns such as "World Cup Watch".​

    Social Media:
    Twitter: @LukeBerryShow
    Facebook: LukeBerryShow
    Website: LukeWizzy.co.uk