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    Huge Game Pass Releases Coming Up

    In amongst a heap of game trailers, Xbox have announced today that Game Pass subscribers have got a lot in store over the 6 months - literally. In July we have Microsoft Flight Simulator to look forward to, followed by Pyschonauts 2 in August, Back 4 Blood & Age of Empires IV will be coming in...
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    GGRadio 6 Is Approaching Fast!

    The management team at GGRadio have been hard at work on lots of new features to bring into GGRadio. We don't want to say too much yet, but watch this space - we're going to be announcing lots in the months leading up to GGRadio 6!
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    DOGE Continuing To Fly To The Moon

    Even for those outside of the crypto-space, DogeCoin has been front and center. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or MSM - it's everywhere. As a result of this, the price has soared on what was originally made as a joke. As of writing this article it's pushing all time high's of $0.60...
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    PlayStation Adding Discord App To PSN This Year

    PlayStation gamers rejoice! Yesterday a tweet surfaced from the official PlayStation account revealing a partnership between themselves and Discord. Sony President & CEO; Jim Ryan said in the official press release: Sadly, it does sound like it'll be a fall release - however that gives you...
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    Test thread

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    Ya boi gets his MacBook back tomorrow 🎉

    Had a few little issues, think it's gonna be one of those things I have to upgrade more than I wanted but heyo!
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    Xbox Series X / S Pre-Orders Sold Out Near Instantly

    Regardless of whether you're a PlayStation, PC or Xbox fan - you've got to appreciate the insane figures for yesterday. Within no time, the Xbox Series X / S pre-orders had sold out. Luckily there'll be another run of pre-orders in November for those of us unable to get it the first time...
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    Discord GGRadio Discord Radio Bot - General Improvements + Prep

    Added help command on presence beside now playing (3 seconds interval) Preparation for server list Internal Improvements and bug fixes
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    GGRadio Discord Radio Bot

    Chris updated GGRadio Discord Radio Bot with a new update entry: General Improvements + Prep Read the rest of this update entry...
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    GGRadio Discord Radio Bot

    We're aware of an issue with the bot where it disconnects from the channel after a while. Working on a fix at the moment - but the good news for now is if you connect to the channel then it will automatically reconnect anyway :)
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    Discord GGRadio Discord Radio Bot - GG5 Discord Bot

    You asked, we delivered (finally!) Our discord bot is back, built from the ground up to withstand nearly anything we throw at it. Some new features added, as well as some awesome new features we’ll be adding in the near future.
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    GGRadio Discord Radio Bot

    Chris updated GGRadio Discord Radio Bot with a new update entry: GG5 Discord Bot Read the rest of this update entry...
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    GG Radio + Gaming =??

    Not gonna lie, the two don't go together for me unless it's ETS2 or CS Surf - I can't focus on the game when I have music playing because I end up thinking more about the music hahaha
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    Desktop GGRadio MacOS Application - Complete Overhaul

    We've completely re-built the GGRadio desktop application. We are no longer packaging the player locally, this allows us to keep the desktop version up to date with the web player and reduces the download size a bit. Naturally, that means it's also up to date with the web version and running...
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    GGRadio MacOS Application

    Chris updated GGRadio MacOS Application with a new update entry: Complete Overhaul Read the rest of this update entry...
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