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    KennySpag - High Skill, Low Effort

    Hello everyone, it's ya b.. Okay, So first of all, as the thread name implies (and if you watch my vids you'll understand) my videos don't have HUGE amounts of effort put in but you can make your own decision on my content. I make vids on what ever I get more than 15 fps on (Not many games) and...
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    Hey, Its KennySpag

    Hello everyone, I'm KennySpag I'm a proud Aussie and I love my music. I'm 17 and use a 2013 Macbook Pro Retina. I play CSGO at 5 fps, Arma at <1 fps and Roblox at 7 fps. (I'm cheap, don't judge) I have a Youtube Channel if you want to check it out...
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