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  1. Thomas

    Favourite part of GG5?

    All of it! The updated mods, the modern and clean design. While also having the forums, integrated even more!
  2. Thomas

    PS5 Upcoming Games List 🎮

    Recently, with the unveiling of the new PS5, Sony alongside it have released some new games that will be released for the PS5. Spider-Man: Miles Morales - The new Spider-Man will apparently not be a sequal of the original Spider-Man game for the PS4. Instead it'll be a remastered expansion of...
  3. Thomas

    Artist: Noel Gallagher (High Flying Birds)

    Hey Everyone! So you may not know who Noel Gallagher is (gotta be crazy if your not). He was from the band Oasis, who had abandoned in 2009. So Noel had decided that he wanted to create his own Solo Career. In 2012 releasing his first album Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds . Honestly I'm...
  4. Thomas

    Tik Tok

    Haha, I know this is old, but I'll still put my response in! Do you have TikTok downloaded on your mobile phone? Yeah, never thought I would but one day decided too. Partially addicted to the damn thing haha. What is one of your favourite videos? Don't have a favourite their all pretty good in...
  5. Thomas

    Could you stop eating meat?

    Haha yeah, that sounds about accurate for all of our food over here 🤣
  6. Thomas

    Could you stop eating meat?

    Sounds interesting, never ever tried it before, or even considered buying any of it. But might have too one day! Personally I'd still stick with my Meat, even though, yes it is dang expensive 🥩🍖🥓
  7. Thomas

    Galaxy Z Flip

    I honestly love the whole idea of the Flip Phone's comeback, but I'm not really gonna go out of my way to purchase a phone that is $1380 ngl. Though I was watching and it still has some faults with the hinge being a bit interesting at times. But hopefully it's much better than what had happened!
  8. Thomas

    Best gaming peripherals (keyboard, mouse, mic & headset)

    With my Headset (Corsair Void RGB), I was going to originally go with the HyperX Cloud Headset, before the Corsair. Though I decided to just go almost full out Corsair. Yeah that is what really put's me off Razor and I've had no issues with Corsair and I don't plan to be changing any time. With...
  9. Thomas

    Best gaming peripherals (keyboard, mouse, mic & headset)

    No Worries, Yeah personally I've had bad experiences With Razor Equipment. It could be me, but I've always avoided them. But I'd go either Corsair or Logitech, they both make fantastic Gaming Gear!
  10. Thomas

    Best gaming peripherals (keyboard, mouse, mic & headset)

    Hey Apple, I'm not Chris, but I can give you my opinion. Currently i'm rocking a Corsair K65 RGB Keyboard and it has been amazing, you can easily spend a load, but if you don't care about the Red Clicky Switches. I'd easily go with this amazing keyboard. For the mouse I'd go again the Corsair...
  11. Thomas

    Ford v Ferrari

    Yeah I watched this movie a couple of weeks and it was easily one of the best movies I saw this year! I really didn't notice the Vocal Delivery of Christian Bale to be off-putting. I thought he did quite a good job on the vocals aspect of it all. But then again, I'd have to look at it once the...
  12. Thomas

    G'day Everyone!

    Hello Everyone, I'm Thomas :) I come from the great world of Australia and I've been doing internet radio for almost 3 years now! I've been listening to GGRadio for almost 2 years on and off and I see a new site has been put in place. I think it looks very smexy. About Me: Country: Australia...
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