Happy 3rd Birthday, GGRadio!


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GGRadio has officially turned 3! That's over 1000 days, a really long time.

Before getting on to the new stuff, which I'm sure a lot of it you have already seen; I want to thank every single person who has joined us on this journey so far and I look forward to anybody else who will be joining us for the rest of the journey.

New Website, From The Ground Up:
We have finally made the move to a less minimalistic website, however still keeping the core concept of everything being easily acceptable and self explanatory.

As suggested many times, we have added a volume slider to the website:

Along with this, we have fixed the recent bug that stopped the site from autoplaying and now use a sophisticated system to update the information on the website rather than sending thousands of requests to our API, saving both of us bandwidth.

Our minimalistic website grew old faster than we were able to update, we have for a long time suffered from being unable to show you enough information on our website - but that is no longer a problem!

There's so much to talk about, that it's really best if you just take a look yourself:


Forum Updates, Bigger Than Ever:
Since our original website never really had a theme, nor did our forum - it was just... Plain.

Since you're here right now, you can see that's not the case - switching to our forum from the website is seamless.

Along with updating our style, we've also been working on restructuring the forum to make it more efficient and have everything where it should be.

You also no longer need to sign up to post, but you should anyway.


Introducing our Player:
It's somewhat of an unknown thing that we have a player, it's the only place where we have always had a volume bar which has attracted a lot of people to it.

Today we're introducing our new player, responsive and full of features.

Tune in by pressing 'Tune In' or the Headphones icon on the player.

API, Efficiency is Key:
An announcement will be coming featuring more information about this soon since I'm not the techy one here - but it should be noted that our API is more efficient than ever thanks to Nevexo

If this is something you'd like to use, find out more here.​

A Logo Update, Small But Effective:
We've made some small changes to our logo to freshen it up and make it fit in with the new website and forum, this includes brightening the grey and removing the gradient in exchange for the GGRadio Orange colour.


And Lots More Coming Soon:
- We're updating and adding more jingles to the radio, as well as updating the songs you hear and the order that you hear them to make GGRadio fresher than ever.
- Sooner than you'll be ready, we're going to begin releasing apps for Android, Windows, Chrome, MacOS & Linux based on our new player.
- More features on our website & player including requests and lyrics! You might notice something new the next time you open the website!
- Our Discord bot is coming back by popular demand, we'll be discussing this more when the update is live.
- Many updates to our staff team, from changing the hierarchy, adding new roles and even welcoming new people.
- We're getting our cameras out for YouTube!
- After a lot of thought and many offers, we're going to be opening up for partner opportunities.​

GGRadio Through The Years:
Website-1.png Website-2.png Website-3.png

Forums-1.png Forums-2.png

Logo-1.png Logo-2.png

Icon-1.png Icon-2.png Icon-3.png

Player-1.png Player-2.png Player-3.png

Thank You Notes:
These are people who have contributed in GGRadio in huge ways and made it all possible - if you feel you should be on here, it's likely your name just slipped my mind.

Nevexo's continuous dedication to the development of things in GGRadio is exemplary and made it possible for us to be far better than I could have done alone.

Rexs123 made the new website possible by helping with a base design and helping me learn some new skills that I'll be using a lot going forward, forever grateful.

Josh is the member of staff on our team who has always strived to do more - he's a great friend and manager and hopefully will have lots more to be occupied with now.

Rob only recently returned to our team, but his work and passion has inspired us all to work harder than we have in years - I hope going forward this will pay off.

Copey ran the radio department and helped us get set up - without him, I don't know if we'd still be around if I'm honest.

Luke is one of the smartest people I know and has offered loads of invaluable advice to me over the time I've known him as well as producing the best jingles I've ever heard.

Nightmare has developed lots along with Nevexo and made us do things in far better ways, though he now has other commitments - he still is continuing to do as much as he can - which is amazing.

And finally, my Mother - for she is always providing support to me and everything I do. GGRadio wouldn't exist without the encouragement and support she has always provided me.​
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