Huge Game Pass Releases Coming Up


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In amongst a heap of game trailers, Xbox have announced today that Game Pass subscribers have got a lot in store over the 6 months - literally.

In July we have Microsoft Flight Simulator to look forward to, followed by Pyschonauts 2 in August, Back 4 Blood & Age of Empires IV will be coming in October.

In November we'll be given Forza Horizon 5 - which will be a fresh air being set in Mexico after the last one which was in the truly sunny UK. Might be time to get the polish out?

And then finally the well overdue Halo Infinite will be released 'Holiday 2021', I guess we'll have to wait until later in the year before we get a solid date for that.

What are you looking forward to? Personally it's MSFS + Forza for me, GGRadio sounds better with the engines on šŸ˜Œ
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