New Social Media Branding For GG5 👀🥵


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If you follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook, or are a member of o
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ur discord server - you've probably noticed some pretty big changes.

After a lot of work with @Mantas, we've finally brought our branding up to date!

We wanted to wait, but it's been killing us keeping this secret for this long so it's had to happen a little early - plus it allows everyone chance to adjust.

There's a fancy post on our Instagram showing off our new branding, while you're there - click here and give Mantas a follow. We have also updated our Twitter with the new branding, so make sure you're following us (and maybe turn on notifications?)

Although we're super hyped about this new change, I want to give a huge thanks to Alex Cavazos who made the branding that got us through the last 4/5 years and developed our trademark orange double G's - who knows what our branding would be like without his work.

Our new branding is far brighter, simpler and is already 100% consistent with GG5's site design as it was designed alongside it ready for release on July 7th.

At the moment we're looking in to merchandising, something we've held off on in the past as we didn't have design ideas - but we're ready now with some awesome designs you'll be able to get your hands on very soon.

Very excited to be entering this new era for GGRadio, keep your eyes open because next week we'll be launching our new radio player and then the full site releases on July 7th so mark your calendar!
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