Our Roadmap for 2020


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Hi all,

We've been hard at work through the winter to begin preparing GGRadio for the roaring 20's, it's took us a while but we're finally there.

There's no denying we've had a bit of a rough year but things are definitely looking up. Last year we moved our site to GG4, which fully integrates the site in to the forum but we didn't get the chance to update the rest of our services, luckily - we're doing that now.

We've started off this by updating all our downloads, including our Garry's Mod plugin, CSGO plugin, Windows desktop app and releasing a MacOS desktop app for the first time!

While doing these updates, we've also took the opportunity to deploy our new API which is faster and far more powerful than API 4, there'll be more information on this soon in a separate post once we've ran it for a little while in production.

At the moment we're also in the process of updating and releasing lots more new things including:
  • GGRadio Chrome extension so you can tune in via your browser at any time.
  • Linux desktop application for Linux gamers.
  • Creating a new minecraft plugin with more features.
  • A player for Habbo Hotel and Habbo retros.
  • Android and iOS apps to make tuning in to GGRadio on the go easier.
  • Moving around our Discord server and making an internal bot.
  • Writing our Discord bot from scratch for the last time.

Recently we've also been starting to reach out to new potential partners, one of those being Glitch. Glitch are an awesome new site that pay you for playing your favourite games - genuinely. If you'd like to join Glitch on our partners - please reach out to me via private message.

Our team has also gotten a lot larger, sadly we've let some of our team go who can't commit to GGRadio anymore but we are left with an awesome bunch of people who you'll be hearing on the radio pretty regularly. We've also been taking steps to improve our upper management and take on a lot of new staff members and it's showing. If you'd like to join GGRadio's team, please reach out to me via private message and we'll work out where you fit in our team!

A lot of things have changed behind the scenes too, we've moved our servers around a lot recently and as a result of this - our radio stream loads nearly instantly with a few seconds latency between the presenter and when you hear it - the fastest stream we've ever seen!

Finally, our plans for this year... We intend on releasing lots of new applications, continuing to grow our team throughout the year and work towards 30-40% of GGRadio's streaming being performed by live presenters, increase our presence in a variety of video games through new partners and working to set ourselves up to have an awesome decade ahead (yes - we'll still be rocking out your games in 2030!).

Whether you're a new visitor or a returning member, we hope you'll stick with us throughout the year and see all these improvements happen.

For those that have made it to the end, thank you - we have added lots of new username colours to help you make your profile more unique. If you'd like access to play around with them, post in this thread or pm me!
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