PR Rep Opportunity Opening


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PR Rep Opportunity Opening
In the past 5 months, GGRadio has started to progress towards where we personally see it going and we're now at the stage where we'd like to invite somebody in to our team to focus purely on Public Relations work with us.

We are looking for somebody who:
- Is very mature and accepts "no" as an answer from us and other people, however also willing to put forward ideas.
- Is good with people and is comfortable talking to strangers over voice communication programs such as Skype or Teamspeak.
- Has some time on their hands on evenings and nights (GMT+1) to work with us and discuss the best routes to take, the future of GGRadio, etc.
- Is passionate and dedicated about what they do as we're looking for somebody to stick by us.​

As a Public Relations Representative, your basic responsibilities will include:
- Control over our primary social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to reach out to our audience and help us engage better socially.
- Reaching out to communities and game servers to bring awareness to our game server addons.
- Discussing potential partnerships with management and make them a reality.
- Reaching out to potential advertisers and bring some revenue to GGRadio.
- Being a second hand to Chris to be able to discuss ideas and the future of GGRadio with.​

This is not a paid opportunity and you will be required to put in a fair amount of work, so we ask that you have interest in GGRadio too. We will be offering you as much as we can as thank you and to help you in your work.

If you are interested in this position, please sign up to the forums (if you are not already) and contact @Chris via Private Message with the title "PR Rep Opportunity" and include as much information about yourself as possible and why you're the perfect candidate for this opportunity.

We hope to be speaking to some of you soon and be welcoming a new member to our team!
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