GGRadio Discord Radio Bot

Discord GGRadio Discord Radio Bot 3.1.0

GGRadio's Official Discord Server Bot allows members of your server to listen to GGRadio together in a voice channel simultaneously.

Listen to GGRadio's stream with members of your server simultaneously. Hosted on our servers with no costs or limitations to the user. Always see what's live in the Discord's 'playing' feature. Works immediately with no setup necessary. The radio and bot are online 24/7 meaning you're never without music.​

  1. Click the download button on this page and select the server you wish to add the bot to.
  2. Create a voice channel for the bot that it has access to and connect to it.
  3. Type !ggradio set in any public channel.
  4. The bot will now connect to that channel and stay there until unset.

@Matin (v3)​
Nevexo (v2)​
Will (v1)​

!ggradio set [channel id]
Allows server admins to set the radio channel for the server, can be used without channel id if you're connected to a voice channel.​

!ggradio unset
Allows server admins to disconnect the bot from its channel until set again.​

!ggradio live
Prints the current song, artwork & presenter in chat.​

!ggradio help
Sends a list of commands in the server, as well as links to get help.​
!ggradio ping
Send a quick ping-pong between the bot and see response times.​

Why is the bot on my server but not online?
Infrequently the bot may have to restart to update, if you notice this - please tweet to us at any time to alert us in case we've had a crash.

How do I use the bot?
Read the installation section above.

Why does the bot ask to "Create Instant Invite"?
We're working on a server list utility to share your servers on our website, this service is opt-in only but the permission is still needed.

Can this bot play Youtube/SoundCloud/Spotify?
No, this is the GGRadio bot for streaming to Discord.

Does this bot cost money?
This bot is absolutely free of charge to bring something cool to the Discord community, if you'd like to help us - share the bot in servers or you can donate to help improve and fund GGRadio. We will be introducing premium features in the future, however they'll just build on what we already have!

How do I control volume?
Just like if your friend is being loud and you want to turn them down, click the bot in the channel and change the client volume.

Should I listen through the bot or the website?
You should listen through the website if you have the choice. Discord is limited to <96kbps where our website streams at a higher bitrate resulting in the stream sounding better.

I can't set the channel, permission error?
If you haven't already set it in your role, set the Administrator permission to on - otherwise you will not be able to set the channel.

Where can I suggest ideas / give feedback?
Create an account, click discussion on this page and leave feedback there :)

Where can I get further help?
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