GGRadio are looking for leaders!


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GGRadio want to expand, and become more than just a radio and in order to do this we need you.

If you are a person who is mature, speaks fluent English, has leadership skills and plays a multiplayer game with the ability to have groups / guilds then you may be exactly who we are looking for. We'd love it for you to share this with your friends who you think would be suitable for this role and opportunity.

Send a private message to @Chris titled "Leader", and include as much information about yourself as possible. More information on what we're up to coming soon!


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@Chris i am peter kremer, we have spoken before and i was asking for your permission to create a dota 2 team under the name ggradio it would be alright for advertising and i dont have the vocabulary to come up with a better name, i have played in 2 other tournaments before and am a mid,support player.


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I would love to, but sadly I play no such games. But this is only for people that can run said groups/guilds?


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I'm still open to manage your social media if you would like. PM me if you would like to work something out.
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