Happy Birthday, GGRadio.net


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Happy Birthday, GGRadio.net
GGRadio opened it's doors on July 7th 2015 with a small team of 3 people to reinvent gaming radio and create a new standard for the industry, in under a year - we believe we have without any doubt established this with your support.

It is now July 7th 2016 and GGRadio is officially 1 year old, a lot has happened in this year for GGRadio. A lot of staff have come and gone, lots of development has happened, we've made a name for ourselves, many shows have happened on the radio and more.

A quick overview of GGRadio's first year (more in-depth look at the changes):
GGRadio started as "GG-Radio.net", however we soon moved to GGRadio.net as soon as we could get the domain.​
We established our first forum and website iteration and continued to perfect them throughout the year, arriving at the point we're at now. We also created lots of cool things for use by websites, such as GGRadio Popout and GGRadio Widgets.​
We released our official Garry's Mod and Counter Strike addons, which are widely used by many servers around the world. We're also featured on many addons in Garry's Mod.​
GGRadio's graphics weren't always as nice as this, in fact - we weren't always orange. Thanks to @AlexKvazos, without him we wouldn't have changed our colours to orange and got the logo that you know so well.​
We have had lots of staff come and go in the past year, however now we're at the most we ever have been at over 20 members of staff working hard to keep the radio great.​

The changes above are only a quick overview, we have done a lot more which you can see here and we're going to be working even harder in this coming year to grow even bigger and become even better.

Unfortunately this year we don't have a site makeover, but we're aiming to have most of our team on the radio today so make sure you're tuned in to GGRadio tomorrow afternoon through to the evening (GMT+1), follow our Twitter for more updates on this.

Thank you to everybody who has made the first year of GGRadio possible, it has flown by and when I looked at the date - I was shocked.

I'm excited to see where we will be next year and what new members of staff we will have.

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What a year it has been, thanks to everyone who has supported the radio, anyone who has shown the station to one person or a group of people. You truly all make this an amazing radio community to be part of.


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It's been great to take part in such a good community, can't wait to see what comes next for us.
Happy Birthday GGRadio :)
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