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Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year

It's 2017, and don't think for a second that we weren't going to make a big deal.

This is GGRadio's year, we have lots planned and to kick start our year - we're presenting the second iteration of our main website.

This update will bring lots of new fixes and updates to GGRadio's website in January including:
  • GGRadio Pop-up Player
  • GGRadio Embed
  • GGRadio Forum Sidebar "Playing"
  • Refreshed AutoDJ
  • Discord Bot Update
Follow us on Twitter (@GGNet) and keep an eye on our changelog to see when these changes are deployed.

Let's not forget the old website though, which served us a long time and did us well - as flawed as it may have been (07/07/2015 - 01/01/2017).
GGRadio-1.png GGRadio-2.png

The new website is a basic homepage, it is recommended that you click the "pop-up" button next to the album art and listen through there, as it offers a volume player and has less of an impact on your computer in the middle of games.

You can view it now on the homepage at

Finally, happy new year to all our listeners, and hope it's a good one for all of you!