Introducing our Media Department


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Our 3rd anniversary is coming up and there's lots of changes happening, one of those is we're adding a Media Department to our team - in other words, we're adding news articles!

The articles which will be brought to you by a team of reporters who will be writing about eSports, other sports, gaming, politics, celebrities, events and lots more.

We aim to put out a few short articles a week, so you will be able to read them all and participate in discussions without being flooded with information.

Our first media reporter is Flocc, who has written our first news article about the big debate - do video games cause violence?

If you're interested in writing articles similar to the one we've just put out, send me a private message or message Chris Verringer#4395 in our Discord.

This update ties in great to our third anniversary updates coming on the 7th of July - so you'll definitely want to stay tuned in on our Twitter and Discord.
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