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Minecraft Donator Server


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Minecraft Donator Server
We are opening a minecraft server for anyone who has donated to the radio!

The server will be open to staff and donators as a way to give back to anyone who has decided to help us out!

To Join:

If you would like to join, and your are a donator, reply to this thread with your in-game name so we can whitelist you on the server.

Server IP:
We will contact you in a private message with the server IP.

Server Pack:
The server is currently on SkyFactory 3 version 3.0.5 which can be found on the Curse or FTB Launchers.

  • Do not steal from somebody's chest.
  • Do not grief somebody's area if you're able to.
  • Do not share the IP with anyone who isn't a GGRadio donator
  • Do not create lag machines / anything that can cause an unpleasant experience for other players.
  • Have fun!
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*Note: Please Do Note we aren't responsible for lost items. Make sure you claim your island via the FTB Chunks which is in your inventory.