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The Blue Yeti


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I'm about to get rid of my Blue Yeti, but before I do - I wanted to do a recording and explain why I discourage and hate this microphone.

There are two recordings at the bottom included, I advise that you download them both and listen to see the difference.

If you're in the market for a Microphone, have a look at our Microphone buyers guide:

My microphone at the timing of writing:
AT2035 Cardoid Condenser
Behringer 1204USB Mixer
Microphone arm w/ shock mount and pop filter
Configured on mixer (not worth explaining)​

The Stock Blue Yeti used:
Blue Yeti
Included Stand
No Pop Filter
Cardoid Mode
Gain +0​

The Blue Yeti sounds extremely washed out and lacks in lows in comparison which is problematic for my voice where I like to have my lows up, peaks a lot compared to the AT2035.
The Blue Yeti offers no customizability apart from changing it to settings that pick up even more around you than standard.
The stand is heavy, it doesn't feature a shock mount or pop filter and the Blue Yeti versions of both are rather expensive - there are no pop filters compatible with the Yeti's stand either however that wont fix the issue of it picking up typing / elbows on the table very bad which I didn't include in the recordings.
It doesn't fit in to any regular shock mounts that I purchased, nor could I find anything to put in the bottom of it. It's not great for compatibility or being clear with what you require either.​

I over-paid £120 when I purchased my Yeti, however it's RRP was £99. It hasn't lost it's value regardless of the fact they're pumping out lots of new models after it's success.
The AT2035 is £145 and my mixer is £130 however a similar model is the Q802USB for £60 and the AT2020 is £75.
Going on that you purchase the Q802USB and the AT2020 which will bring very similar results, the price difference is £35 more for the AT2020/Q802USB and what you gain is the ability to mix audio and have it how you want, the USB equivalent of the AT2020 (I can't comment on how good it is) is around £120. You will need a pop filter and mic arm unless you already have one, however they're cheap (£<15)​

Blue Snowball:
I wanted to include that there are much better options such as the Behringer C-1 than the Blue Snowball.



I could really here the P when you said pop filter on the blue yeti.
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I could really here the P when you said pop filter on the blue yeti.
That can't be blamed on the microphone, as without a pop filter the AT2020 would be worse. However it can be blamed on the supplied stand being incompatible with most pop filters on the market except theirs.