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  • We are currently in the middle of updating to GG4, which includes quality checking all our downloads.

    We are rewriting and updating any of our old downloads that no longer work, due to all our recent changes - this is a bit of a higher number than we realised!

    Because of this, we ask that you do not download any downloads that say "Deprecated" before them as they have not been checked yet.
GGRadio ATS Radio Installer (Windows)

Desktop GGRadio ATS Radio Installer (Windows) 1.0

Easily add GGRadio to your American Truck Simulator radio configuration and tune in through the game for the most authentic trucking experience.

American Truck Simulator has great integration for online radio's, however sadly we haven't been added to the game yet which means if you'd like to listen to our radio in game, you need to add GGRadio to your radio stream config.

We have developed this small installer which will add our radio to your game config without the confusion. If you're more comfortable doing this manually then read this post for more information.

This installer is only available for Windows at the moment, if you'd like to see a version for other platforms then please let us know in the discussion thread.


Looking to add us to Euro Truck Simulator 2 instead?
Not running Windows? Mac & Linux coming soon.​
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