Listen to GGRadio on Mobile via TuneIn

Mobile Listen to GGRadio on Mobile via TuneIn

TuneIn is a free application that has almost every radio in the world signed up to it, including ours.

It is a great free service with the only downside being infrequent advertisements, however you can upgrade your app to remove these.

It enables you to listen to us on your phone and many other devices via searching for GGRadio on the app and putting your earphones in!

How to find GGRadio:
  1. Search for TuneIn on the app store / play store
  2. Download either the free or paid version (paid version removes TuneIn's advertisements)
  3. Open TuneIn and hit the search button
  4. Type "GGRadio" (not case sensitive) and load our page up
  5. Click the play button and GGRadio should start playing within 1-2 minutes
Remember to hit the heart button in the top right to favourite GGRadio so you can find it on your TuneIn homepage in future!

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