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Mar 8, 2016
  • Donations help keep GGRadio running smoothly and continuing advancing, we're dedicated to being the best, unfortunately being the best means we need to pay for the best servers, expensive licenses, great jingles, innovative development amongst many other costs.

    Our Costs:
    Required Costs:
    PPL License: £250/year
    PRS License: £150/year
    Servers: £240/year
    Server License: £85/year
    Total (Donation Goal): £725/year or £60/month​
    Extra Costs:
    Jingles: £5-10/jingle
    Development: Currently we can't pay our developers due to the above costs, however we'd like to.
    Graphics: Currently we can't pay our graphics artists due to the above costs, however we'd like to.
    XenForo Licenses: £50/year​

    Why GGRadio needs donations:
    If the above costs don't highlight it, GGRadio can cost up to £1000 a year to run and has been running 8 months before donations were opened. We want to be the best radio, so these costs are part of it.​

    What does donating get you:
    - Orange Donator Name Colour
    - Orange Donator Banner
    - Permanently Listed On Our Donator List
    - A Better Radio Station
    - More (coming soon)
    Click here to donate.​

    I want to financially help GGRadio but I don't want to donate:
    We also offer Advertisements, all the money goes to the same place.
    Click here to read more about Advertisements.​

    I want to help GGRadio but I can't financially:
    You may be interested in partnering with us if you have an audience.
    If you think you'd like to join our team, that's one of the best ways you can help us.
    Share GGRadio with your friends, get our addons on your favourite gameservers, invite your friends to our steam group, follow us on Twitter, etc.​