Donations help keep GGRadio running smoothly and continuing advancing.

We're committed to being the best however being the best means we need to pay for the fastest servers, expensive licenses, fresh jingles and innovative development amongst many other costs.

Some costs included with running GGRadio include:
- Rented servers from server hosts, paid for monthly.
- Self-owned servers, including any upgrades and hardware maintenance when necessary.
- Licensing for libraries, music, software etc when necessary - some of these are paid monthly and some are not.
- Domain renewals are necessary every year so we keep our great brand.
- Development costs as our team are currently voluntary.
- Experiments in the lab to help us come up with new ideas.
If you'd like to donate and help keep GGRadio up, please send a message to Chris on the forums. Please ensure you're talking to the right person before donating!

You can also advertise with us or purchase on-site upgrades if you want to support us but don't want to donate.
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