We are open for partnerships!

Though we do not have requirements for our partnerships, we ask that your project be well established with at least 50+ daily users and be in some way unique.

Our partnerships offer:
- Your brand logo on every page of GGRadio's website above the footer, for maximum exposure to our audience.
- Radio advertisements for free or a small fee [1]
- Post on our discord server in the #partners channel.
- Mentioning by presenters on air [2]

[1] Radio advertisements are not always being offered due to availability of our audio producers and voiceover artists. We require that all advertisements played on GGRadio are up to our quality and may request that we produce one for you for a fee if we do not find yours up to our standards. [2] Presenters are not required to promote our partners, though encouraged to - we can not make any commitments that your brand will be mentioned on air.

We only take on partnerships that we believe will benefit both brands involved so we have a high decline rate, please do not be disappointed if your partnership offer is declined as you're welcome to apply again in the future.

Please send a message to Chris on the forums if you're interested in partnering.

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