Our Values

GGRadio strives to be the best and with that - we made the following promises in the early days - something that we still hold up today in our values.

- Our presenters are all of a high standard, we offer training to all presenters and if you have any concern that a presenter is lacking in any way - let us know so we can help them.
- Being a part of GG is a fun experience for everybody, not just the listeners. Our staff are all encouraged to participate in 'bonding' nights as frequently as we can.
- GGRadio is built on community, having fun and a mutual love for music - not money. Although GGRadio may make money - it is not the purpose of GGRadio to make money.
- It's not about listeners, it's about progression and listener count help us progress but what helps more is communication and interest in the project.
- As time moves on, so do you and the music you like. We wont hold on to the past, we'll keep ourselves up to date.
- We care about your suggestions, we need to include this. If you have a suggestion for anything - then please let us know. Users suggestions have greatly improved GGRadio since we started in July 2015 and without them - it'd be a very boring site.

If you feel that we are not holding up these values, please contact us and let us know - we're committed to ensuring these values are held up.
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