We are open for advertisements!

Though we do not have requirements for our advertisements, we ask that your project be reputable, secure and in some way unique to fit with our values.

Types of advertisements available:
- On-air advertisements of variable length.
- Unbiased shoutouts from presenters during shows.
- Forum advertisements in one of several places (sidebar, after first post, above content and below content).
- Site advertisements on the homepage.

Things you should know before advertising with us: - We only take on advertisements where we believe in the brand so we have a high decline rate, please do not be disappointed if your advertisement is declined as you're welcome to submit another one in the future.
- Sometimes we may be unable to get an-inhouse producer for your advertisement, if this is the case we would find another producer however the first month price may be higher. - There is an additional fee for the first month to pay for your advertisement producing, we take non of this initial fee.
- The minimum duration for an advertisement is 3 months
- We ask for a minimum of 3 months paid for upfront when taking out your first advertisement with GGRadio, thereafter you can pay monthly.

Please send a message to Chris on the forums if you're interested in advertising with us.

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